My Sistine Chapel

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Beavers follow in the footstops of a master as they create their own mini Sistine Chapel ceiling.


Large sheets of paper - rolls of wallpaper or newsprint,
Craft materials,
Tables and chairs,
Sticky tape,
Pasta, Lentils etc


1. Introduce the beavers to the story of the Sistine Chapel.
2. Explain to the beavers that they are going to create their own version using similar techniques used by Michelangelo (working upside down).
3. Tape pieces of paper to the underside of tables.
4. Each cub then creates their version of the Sistine Chapel ceiling under the tables using the craft materials.
5. When all the cubs are finished their artwork have an exhibition - either pin the art to the walls or ask the cubs to view others under different tables.


  • art
  • craft
  • painting

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