Sixer Team Challenge Game

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Sixers to get their pack safely to the opposite end of the hall without any of the six touching the ground


rope, paper, bean bags or other potential red herrings
benches (if you have them)
chairs (if you have them)


Split into groups of two sixes so their are two sixers and up to 12 cubs to help
Sixers at one end of the hall and sixes at the other end of the hall

Sixers can ask to use anything available to them in the hall (this is to get them making decisions, asking for help, taking control, and being observant) - for example, a chair could be good to sit a cub in and get the sixers pulling the cub along - or to build a bridge with benches etc

Leaders not to give too much away and await instruction of what the sixer would like to use - minimal help can be given.

If any of the cubs touch the ground they need to go back to base.

This is a times challenge, the winner will be the fastest to the safe house, however, creative points will be awarded for the best way in achieving this.


  • communication
  • Helping others
  • Sixers
  • team work
  • Team work game
  • thinking activities

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