1st CELL Scout Group Prayer Hands

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To allow the Scout to create their own person prayer.

The prayer is literally 'In their hands'!


Card or paper
Writing materials; pens, pencils,


Give each member of your group a piece of paper and ask them to draw around and cut out the shape of their own hand. On the four fingers they should write:

ˇ something to praise God for

ˇ something to thank God for

ˇ something for which they would like to ask God’s help

ˇ something they would like to say sorry about

Group members can fold down the fingers on their paper hand if they wish to keep their prayers secret. This leaves the hand in the ‘thumbs up’ shape a reminder that God has heard our prayers.
A leader should conclude by praying for the group, leaving pauses for people to bring their own prayers to God silently.


  • Easter
  • faith
  • Faith Badge
  • prayers
  • reflection

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