Map your World

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The pack creates a 3D map of their local area, this can show local amenities including where they meet, tourist spots etc


A3 card,
Cardboard boxes,
Sticky tape,
Felt tips,
Map of local area


1. Explain to the pack that they are going to make a 3D map of their local area.
2. Give each Six a section of the map to work on.
3. To start with, the Six will mark out their area of the map. They will need to work with other Sixes so the map joins up.
4. Once the map is drawn, the Sixes can start making models of important buildings on their bit of the map.
5. Once all the parts are complete, join them up to show a 3D model of the local area.


  • craft
  • creative
  • local area
  • local knowledge
  • modelling

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