Beanbag Scramble

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Bean bag team game first team to fill the box or bucket wins


A Box or bucket
lots of bean bags per team


Divide the Anchor Boys into two teams or more and tell them to go on opposite sides of the gym.

Place an odd number of bean bags (at least two per child) on the center line (spread out to avoid collisions). At each end of the gym place a box or bin (as their goal).

On “go” children run to the center, grab a bean bag (only one at a time allowed) and take it back to put in their team’s box, run back and do it again. Once all the bean bags are in goals the children count how many they have. The team with the most bean bags wins.

You can make the game more challenging by telling the Anchors that they have to toss it & catch it all the way back to their goal or have them skip, slide, etc.

Balls may be used to develop skills such as dribbling, or passing (each child would have a partner). Repeat to give the other team a chance to win.



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