Girl Guide biscuit dominoes game

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Dominoes game for Guides to cover / re-enforce a number of biscuit badge activities: (only 6. is well covered!)
1. Cost of biscuits
2. Skills you can learn - keep track of your sales - teamwork
6. Safety rules! (lots of detail there)
8. Ambassador to Guiding
Idea to use GG biscuits for yummy recipes
Some specific to 2017 (60 years).


(Printer and if possible laminator, scissors)
Print pdf (x number of patrols),
laminate the sheets if you can,
cut along the dark black line - careful not the thin black line.

I used the following as a reference to stay safe when selling biscuits.


This game should be played within the patrols or other smaller groups (4-6).
There are 24 cards.
Get one patrol member to divide the cards as evenly as possible. Each member puts their cards openly in front of them.
Now the person with the START TILE (yellow highlighted) begins.
The goal is that the patrol works as a team to get the domino (circle) done and they have some discussion. So everyone helps what the next tile should be.
There are some cards that have the same answer (e.g. biscuit price) - However, if there is enough time - the domino would end in a closed circle if some cards are swapped around.
You could also make it a race?


  • Biscuit Badge
  • Biscuit Selling
  • Girl Guide Biscuits
  • safety guidelines

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