Introducing The Aliens

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Challenges perceptions and stereotypes with the help from some intergalactic guests


Assorted scrap paper,
Craft materials for posters,
Costumes for the Alien visitors


1. Ask 2 adults or Young Leaders to pretend to be Aliens and have them enter the room toward the beginning of the meeting.
2. The aliens ask the cubs to describe themselves both in how they look and lead their lives. The aliens then ask if all earth people are like this.
3. Ask the Cubs (in Sixes) to produce some posters for the Aliens to take home to explain what Earth people are like.
4. Talk about whether we make up our minds by how people look or act and if its easy to make kistakes by stereotyping them. Ask them if they have been stereotyped - how did it make them feel? What can they do to avoid stereotyping people?


  • aliens
  • craft
  • Drawing
  • Equality
  • respect

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