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This game allegedly originated among the native Americans of Alaska (apparently Hagoo mean "come here") The idea is to walk between the two teams without laughing while they try to put you off.


two teams of at least 5 each


Have the teams sit in lines facing each other
On "go" one person from each team at opposite ends stand and face each other. They bow and say "Hagoo" and then walk SLOWLY towards and then past each other to the other end. They must keep eye contact with each other at all times. That means as they pass each other they turn and walk backwards. Whilst they walk the teams may make noises and facial expressions etc. to put them off. THEY CANNOT TOUCH THEM.
If they break eye contact or laugh they are out. If they make it they join their team and play continues with the next two people.
The game continues until there is only one team or everyone has been or an allotted time has expired.


  • team game

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