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From Guiding magazine Autumn 2015
The girls identify situations relating to a Guide Law and discuss ways to resolve them.


Copy of the Guide Laws
Pens and Paper


(1) Give each Patrol a different Guide Law and ask them to think of a situation that relates to it.
For example, for the first Guide Law - "A Guide is honest, reliable and can be trusted" - the situation could be: "Your best friend has just stolen a lipstick and asked you to steal one too".

(2) When they have thought of a situation, they should write it down as though they are e-mailing an agony aunt advice column

(3) Patrols should then swap letters (e-mails) and come up with ways to resolve it while keeping the Guide Law.

(4) Share these with the whole unit. Discuss how they can keep the Guide Laws even outside of the Guide meetings. What obstacles are there? How can they overcome them?


  • Promise and Law

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