A recipe for life

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Earn ingredients for a recipe by coming up with good ideas for keeping the Guide Laws
Adapted for Guides from the article in Guiding magazine Autumn 2015


One set of Guide Laws per patrol - each Law written on a separate piece of paper
A recipe that requires six ingredients, like a salad, no-cook sweets etc.
The ingredients and equipment to make the recipe - one set per patrol


(1) Spread the papers with the Laws face-down on a table
(2) Explain that the object of this game is to win ingredients needed to make a tasty treat. In order to earn them they will need to demonstrate their understanding of the Guide Laws
(3) One girl from each patrol should select a paper with a Law (they haven't yet got) from the table and take it back to their patrol. Together they should discuss how they could keep this Guide Law outside of Guiding and give 3 examples of situations.
(4) When the patrol is ready they should present their ideas to the leader team (judges). If the judges think their ideas are good, they will reward them with one of the ingredients. Keep going until the patrol has done all 6 Laws and has all 6 ingredients.
(5) The girls can now start preparing their recipe and then eating


  • Promise and Law

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