IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Science Investigator Option 03

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Discover if Ice is lighter than Water.


 Two empty Cans per group
 A ruler
 A weighing scales


This activity is suitable to be used at an overnight event

• Divide the Pack into groups
• Give each group two cans
• Each group marks their cans with their Group name
• Then mark the cans A and B
• Half fill “Can A” with cold water
• Use a ruler to measure the space between the surface of the water and the top of the can
• Put it into the freezer and leave until frozen (overnight)
• Groups now measure the space between the top of the ice and the top of the can.
• Ask the Brownies
1. “What do you notice?”
• Weigh and record your findings
• Fill “Can B” with water to the same level of the ice in “Can A”
• Weigh “Can B” and record your findings
• Ask the Brownies:
2. What do you notice?
3. Which is lighter?


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