South Africa Cub Night

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A brief look at south Africa, some facts about the people, the animals there. Sampling the food (could be substituted by making music instruments)
1. South Africa session 1 - 10 mins
a. Facts
b. Animals
2. Game - Mice and Mealies - 15 mins
3. South Africa session 2 - 10 mins
a. People
b. Language
4. Game – Tyre roll - 15 mins
5. South Africa session 3 - 10 mins
a. Food
6. African food tasting and drinks - 15mins
7. Close


1. Hand out (Download PDF below)
2. African food (boerewors, biltong, Melktert) or stuff to make music instruments (google it)


google a simple no bake Melktert recipe.
most UK supermarkets have packets of biltong
any good butcher can make boerewors for you. google the recipe give it to them and ask them to make it exactly (no grains or bread)


  • African
  • cultural awareness
  • culture
  • gloabal challenge
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  • south africa

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