GaGa Ball Game

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This is a game which originated in modern Israel. Ga means 'hit' in Israel.
Gaga Ball is a fun, easy game to learn and play. The basic object of the game is to eliminate your opponents by striking the ball and having it hit them below the knee (or waist) while trying to avoid being hit yourself. The game can be a one on one match up game or simply a larger group of individuals each playing against the group. To increase the fun and action for larger groups, often a second ball can be put into play as well. As with any playground game, the actual details of the GaGa Ball game rules will vary from location to location.


1 or 2 Soft balls.


Ga-Ga Ball Game Rules

0. Mark out a large enough court (GaGa Pit) for your cubs. Use benches or chairs so balls can re-bounce from them.

1. Designate a referee (non-player) like a leader or young leader. The referee is the sole authority during play and is responsible for ensuring fair play and settling disputes.

2. The referee begins play only after all players are standing in the gaga court and have indicated that they are ready to start the game. Many require the players to be touching the GaGa Pit prior to starting a game.

3. One player tosses the ball up in the air. Players yell "Ga" on the first bounce and "Ga" again on the second bounce, and the ball is then in play.

4. Players hit the ball with their hands only, and may not carry or throw the ball – it must be punched or hit with an hand or fist. Only one successive hit is allowed by each player.

5. Any player who is touched by the ball below the knees (or waist), either directly or by a rebound off the wall, is “out” and then must exit the gaga pit.

6. If the ball contacts a player or a player's clothing below the waist, that player is “out” and needs to exit the playing area. If the ball contacts the player above the waist, the player is still in.

7. If the ball goes out of the Ga-Ga pit, the last player to touch the ball is eliminated.

8. If a player catches the ball before it bounces, the player who had the last contact with the ball is eliminated.

9. Once the player hits the ball, he or she must wait until the ball touches someone else before hitting it again (no double touches). Only one successive hit is allowed by each player, until there are only two players left, then up to three successive touches are allowed by a player.

10. If there are only two players remaining, a player may hit the ball up to 3 times in a row. The ball is "rejuvenated" by contact with the wall, and the hit count resets.


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