teamwork challenge/mothers day

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game -5 min
grand howl/flag- 5 min
team games to work towards team challenge badge. Ask cubs for examples of different team games and roles within the team. 10 minutes per game (this includes setting up and giving instructions)
drink/biscuit - 10 min
mothers day craft - 20 min
on parade, lower flag
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glass jars, glue, craft pieces to decorate jars, paper to cut out hearts/kisses for writing on. ribbon
items such as cones, hula hoops, balls, buckets, blindfold.


kids to decorate a glass jar then fill it with paper hearts/kisses on each of which they write 1 nice thing they love about their mother figure.
games to include - decorate the tree, relay race where 1 member of each team is the 'tree', a selection of items are placed next to them, other members take it in turns to run to their 'tree' and place 1 item on it, winner is first team to place all items on their 'tree', any items that fall off cannot be replaced. human knot - teams stand in a circle, each person holds hands with someone across the circle from them, they then have to work together to untie the 'human knot' without letting go of each others hands. mine field - work together in pairs, 1 person is blindfolded and their partner has to vocally guide them through a 'mine field' of items placed on the floor. scavenger hunt.


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