Candle Decorating

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Draw a picture or write a message to decorate a candle for a gift


Plain white candle
whiteTissue paper - small piece to fit sround candle
sharpies/fel pens etc
Wax paper or baking paper- larger than tissue paper
Sticky tape
Hair dryer



Measure around side of candle and cut piece of tissue to fit (One for each person)
Cut pieces of wax/baking paper slightly larger than the tissue to hold tissue into place whilst melting (one for each person)


Ask children to draw a picture or write a message onto the tissue.
wrap around candle and wrap wax paper around to hold it in place. Use sticky tape to hold wax paper.
Using a hairdryer slowly heat the candle so the wax melts slightly into the tissue.
Remember to keep moving the candle/hairdryer so wax doesn't melt too much.

Remove wax paper and leave to cool


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