Roller Coaster Tycoon

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Pioneering activity to build a roller coaster to carry a marble moving by gravity alone.


Per Patrol participating - a fair share of the available:
- Staves
- Bamboo
- Polystyrene Pipe lagging (cut in half along length to form flexible channels)
- Cocktail sticks
- Sisal
- Lashing lengths
Also, 1 marble each


Roller Coaster Tycoon rules

To build a roller coaster to carry a marble moving by gravity alone.

- You will have 5 minutes planning time before you can start construction
- You will have 2 minutes to present your design to a leader
- You will have 30 minutes to construct and test your roller coaster
- The roller coaster should be entirely free-standing (lose 5 points for each human point of contact)
- The marble to be placed and released at the top of the roller coaster and not touched thereafter
- The roller coaster will be judged on the best of 3 attempts

Score up to 10 points for each of:
- Design – how many twists, turns, jumps, loops, &c included
- Construction – quality of lashings, robustness
- Teamwork – how well is the patrol working as a team, is everyone participating, are members playing identifiable roles (timekeeper, planner, doer, tester)?
- Performance – how far does the marble get along the track?


  • knots
  • lashings
  • pioneer
  • pioneering project
  • team
  • team building
  • Team challenge

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