Emergency ACT-ions!

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For scouts that joined without moving up.
Higher level Scouts to teach newcomers to level 1 by putting together a show/ role play. Must cover all requirements.
New scouts to then feedback to their leaders by putting together their own show, and individual conversations.


Props! (Phone, plasters/ small bandages etc)
List of badge requirements that MUST be covered in the performance


Sort your scouts out into 2 teams. Those with the level 1 badge, and those without.
Give them 10-15 minutes (you know your scout's!) to prepare. They MUST cover all badge requirements, and they all have to take part.
Meanwhile you prep your new learners with the theory of DRSABCD- so they know what they are looking for
Enjoy the performance.
Give your new starter's 10 minutes to prep their show. Watch it then follow up with a few questions/ individual talks where you thinks it's necessary.


  • acting
  • emergency aid
  • first aid
  • level 1
  • performance
  • role play
  • youth teach

Badge Links

  • Emergency Aid - 999
  • Emergency Aid - Bleeding
  • Emergency Aid - Help
  • Emergency Aid - Reassure
  • Emergency Aid - Unconscious