Ice Breaker

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Fun way to find out facts about your Lodge, Six or Patrol


between 4 and 6 Bean bags, cones or similar of different colours (if you have four lodges need 4 colours or only 2 then then 2 colurs etc)


Leader asks each patrol to bring a number of bean bags between 4 and 6 a member from the patrol then places these on the floor in the middle of the hall. The leader then asks a question like "does your Patrol have a total of 6 or more sisters" then the patrols have a minutes to work how many sisters there are in their patrol. If they have 6 or more one member of the patrol goes and stands next to their bean bags and when asked has to try and remember how many sisters each lodge member has. if they are correct and have 6 or more they pick up one bean bag. the winning lodge is the lodge to pick up all their bean bags first.


  • beaver information
  • friends
  • Ice breaker

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