I challenge you

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Four fun challenge games


Pens, paper, balloons, spagetti, penne pasta.


Put Beavers into Lodges/teams, give each beaver in the team a number
Call number 1
I challenge you to write your name holding the pen in your mouth. each number 1 comes out and tries to do the challenge first.
number 2
I challenge you to make a paper aeroplane, each number 2 races to make it then see who's flies the furthest.
number 3
I challenge you to keep 2 balloons in the air
number 4
I challenge you to put the penne on the spagetti without using your hands
number 5
Either start at first chalenge and repeat untill everyone has had a go or make up some more.

Each challenge is a race against the other teams, encourage lots of noisy cheering on.


  • #indoor
  • team game

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