Roll for Chocolate

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Roll a double to eat the chocolate with a twist!


Bar of Milk Chocolate
pair of dice
Knife and Fork
Thick Gloves
Hat (sillier the better)
any other clothing as desired


The chocolate is laid out on the plate with the knife and fork. Arrange the clothes (gloves, scarf etc..) nearby.

Everyone sits in a circle and takes it in turns to roll the dice. When someone rolls a double they get a turn at the chocolate and the others continue rolling.

When you get to the chocolate bit, you must run up and dress in the clothes that are provided (reduce the quantity to make this work but gloves are a MUST). Once you are dressed up, take the knife and fork and try to cut a chunk off of the chocolate and eat it. You have to be quick because if someone else rolls a double you have to swap over.

Might not really work with a whole pack so you could run two circles in parallel


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