Lego Inventions

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In the first part of the evening they will be building a Lego computer model.
After the computer building they will be getting very creative, building a variety of objects at the shake of a die.....


Create a large dice (small cardboard box) with pictures on each side of lego items to build:
Each lodge is provided with packs of lego (separated out in colours and types eg. wheels)
Beavers are grouped into their lodges at tables


Build a lego computer system with the parts available. The Beavers will need to make sure they include the following in their Lego construction: Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor. Optional extras will be the CPU, Speakers and Hard drive.
Lego Inventions Game:
Each lodge takes a turn to throw the dice
when thrown each lodge is then given 30 seconds to decide what to build (from the dice) and how
at the end of 30 secs; 5 minutes to build the lego creation
Continue until each lodge has had a throw of the dice


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