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Know how to care for the type of heat source you are using and the safety precautions required


Depending on heat source


Aim of Badge To develop your outdoor cooking skills

This Badge has 8 options of which 8 must be completed

Extra Note:
Complete the options 1- 3 on one form of outdoor heat source to gain a badge. Subsequent badges may be earned by using a different heat source. Heat sources may include camp altar fire, Barbecue, Portable stove, Camp oven etc.

There are many different kinds of stoves for the lightweight camper, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
The most popular stoves used by the Irish Girl Guides are Trangia’s and Gas Cookers

Regardless of the type of stove you chose, always be familiar with it before taking it to camp or on an expedition. Remember practice makes perfect.
Before commencing cooking on stoves Girl Guides should:
1. Tuck their neckerchiefs inside their sweatshirt
2. Tie back their hair.
3. Place a container of water near the stove for small emergencies e.g. burnt finger, etc.
4. Carry matches in a waterproof container (e.g. lunch box)
5. Never put hot pans on your ground sheet.
6. Take care when using any stove.
7. Store and use stoves outside your tent – under a fire shelter if possible
8. Never overfill a stove.
9. Always remove pans from the heat source before adjusting the stove.
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