The Line Up Game

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Team Building Game involving the children lining up in different orders as instructed. "Line up in height order" "Line up in first name alphabetical order" "line up in birthday order"




How to play:
Separate everyone into teams. 5 or 6 per team is the ideal number, and if you have mixed ages, mix them up!
One person is the caller. He calls out "Everyone please now line up ..." and fills in the blank with a statement such as the suggestions below. All the players race to find the right order and shout when they are finished.

Everyone please now line up in order of age, oldest at the front, youngest at the back
Everyone please now line up in first name alphabet order
Everyone please now line up by height, shortest first
Everyone please now line up according to your birthdays - first in the year goes first
Everyone please now line up according to who served themselves dinner first
How many cousins have you got? Line up with the least cousins in front
What colour is your top? Line up in alphabetical order with the earliest letter first
Most hair at the back, least hair at the front
Variations: Make the odd round - or the whole game - a silent one! Players can only communicate with gestures!


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