Flagpole Challenge

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Using the materials provided you have 20 minutes to design and make a free-standing flagpole which can support a ‘flag’ as high as possible.


Per group of 4-5 people - 32 full sheets of newspaper, one 10m roll of 15mm wide sticky tape, 6m of string, a ‘flag’, a pair of scissors or snips. You will have 20 minutes to design and build the highest possible flagpole with the ‘flag’ attached. The ‘flag’ will be supplied.


• You must use only the materials provided.
• The flagpole or any bracing is not to be attached in any way to the floor.
• The flag must remain flat and be clearly visible and words on it must be horizontal so they can be easily read (the flag does not have to be raised or lowered).
• You will have 20 minutes to build it. Judging will be done after building.

You can make this challenge harder for older or gifted students by asking them to lower/raise the flag as well - using the string.

It will be judged on:
The highest flagpole remaining upright after all the flagpoles have been measured will be the winner.
The height will be measured from the highest point of the flag to the ground.


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