Hook a Cup

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Problem solving to lift a plastic beaker from the middle of a large circle



Per Group of Cubs/Scouts
4 x equal lengths of string/cord
1 plastic disposable beaker
1 thick elastic band
2 x canes (decoy)
3 x newspapers (decoy)


Draw a large circle on the floor and place the beaker in the middle. Cubs/Scouts then need to devise a way of retrieving the beaker without entering the circle, using the equipment supplied.

Method (they may find other ways!)
they can attach the string to the elastic bands, all four, equal distances apart. They then go to equal distances around the circle, pulling the elastic band as they spread themselves out. Bring the string towards them until the elastic band is wide enough to go over the top of the beaker, then release the tightness of the string to allow the elastic band to 'grab' the beaker. They then 'gently' bring it to one side.

To make the game harder (=messier) you could add a small amount of water to the beaker!


  • messy
  • problem solving game
  • team game

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