Become a Digital Detective

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Internet research project with a twist.


A computer or tablet for research
Writing equipment and crafts for poster / fact book making.


1 Explain to your young people that they are spies who are going to be sent on an overseas mission. This could be to the location of the next Jamboree or somewhere else that is relevant to the Group.

2 In teams, they must research that country’s customs and culture using at least three diferent websites. Remind the young people of the importance of being safe online when researching. Preferably they should use sites such as or to make sure they get good-quality, age-appropriate results. Remind them how to stay safe online – head to for advice and a safety game that Beavers and Cubs can play.

3 Ask them to research particular details about that country and the people who live there. They should find out what currency they use, what sort of food they eat, as well as the language or languages they speak. Better yet, they could try to learn their promise in the language of the country they are digitally exploring.

4 The spies should create a report of the information found in their research. This report could take the form of a poster, a fact file or a role-play. They should then present this report to the rest of the Group.



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