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Activities for impromptu speaking, Exploring my World Unit 16 - Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


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Connect the Words/Tell a Story

- Place in a bag some random items e.g. cup, ball, pencil or a cards with a noun written on the e.g. bucket, pencil case
- Upon your turn, choose an object (or 2 cards) and tell an impromptu story using their object or words. If using words, and girls confident increase it to 3 or 4 words
- Or upon choosing an object, create an ad to sell your object
- Girls speak for the designated time e.g. 30 seconds or longer dependant on confidence

End Lines

- Prepare a list of word endings or phrases your girls will know e.g. just do it, diamonds are forever, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, firs up best dressed, etc.
- Girls put one out of the bag and tell a story that ends with the ending they got
- Girls speak for the designated time you choose

In the News Today

- Girls are news broadcasters, their task is to speak/tell a news story for something that has happened today - they need to cover who, what, where, why, when and how
- It could be something they say on the way to school, something that happened at school, something that happened at their home
- Girls speak for the designated time you choose

My Friend's Life

- Girls choose another person (could be the person to their left) and have to introduce them to everyone else, but instead of introducing them in the normal way you make up a fictional life for them. Encourages creativity and is fun to make up crazy, silly stuff
- Girls speak for the designated time you choose

Action Story

- Girls to tell an impromptu story that has a whole lot of actions in it and the audience has to do the actions themselves while the speaker is giving their speech e.g. I woke up this morning and did my big stretches...
- Girls speak for the designated time you choose

A Fake Holiday
- Have sets of images prepared that relate to each other in some way e.g. farm pictures, beach pictures, etc. Have 4-5 in each set
- Girls have to give a talk about their holiday - telling 2-3 sentences about each picture before you click forward to the next image - however the images are a surprise so quick thinking is needed!

Learn how to Greet, Introduce and Thank a Visitor
- Greeting: Smile, introduce yourself, thank visitor for coming, ask how their day has been
- Introduce: Stand in a place where everyone can see and hear you, speak clearly, introduce their name, key background information, what they will be speaking about
- Thank: Say thank you, share 2-3 things that you enjoyed or learnt from what they spoke about, thank them for giving their time


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