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A suggestion for presenting badges in an outdoor setting.
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Badges for presenting and specially painted rocks


Presentation of Badges
Create a path with these special rocks - leading from green, to red, to silver and onto Gold Apples and link badges - or whatever the badges are being presented. As each girl comes up to receive her badge, perhaps she can take a stone to remind her of the occasion (make sure you have enough rocks before offering this)
Or you may want to keep the rocks for future presentations - collect them up and keep them safe until next time.

Another idea for presentation might be to set the stones out in a circle and have the girls stand next to the badge they will be receiving, or hide the badge under the appropriate rock for the Pippin to find.

There may be some other fun ways to present the badges depending on the feature of the meeting place. Maybe have the Pippins cross a bridge or slide down a slide or crawl through a tunnel or slide down a pole or explore a cave to get their badge. You may need to protect the badges in plastic bags to keep them clean and dry.



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