Human Hungry Hippos

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A fun game that is enjoyed by members of all sections from Beavers to Explorers. With the younger sections you can spend a prolonged period playing the game. The object of the game is to collect more balls than the other teams.


plastic balls
modified skateboards / vehicle inspection trolleys
washing baskets


Each team requires a skateboard or inspection trolley. They take turns to lay on the board and get pushed in to the circle. In their hands they are holding a laundery basket. This is placed over as many balls as possible and they are then pulled back out of the circle. The balls are then moved in to a container and the person on the board is rotated.

We normally have one child on the rope that is attached to the board, at least one child each side of the board to push it out and one on the board itself. The other team members can be ready to receieve the retrieved balls to add to their stock. We keep playing until the majority of balls are collected.

The game takes a little while to setup and clear away. Playing time will last about 20 minutes. We tend to set up some tables or benches to help keep the balls contained in the desired area.

Between rounds challenge the teams to work out how to improve their technique so they are likely to get more balls.



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