George and the Dragon Game

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a modified British Bulldog game where the children are slowed by having to work together as one unit or small teams.


Best played out doors or in a large space.


Tell The Beavers the story of St George and how it relates to Scouting values.

One Beaver to be the Princess
One Beaver to be the Dragon
The rest of the Beavers become Knights or horses and pair together

The Princess goes to one corner of the grass square nearest the fence
The Dragon is in the centre of the grass square
The Knights run in a circle clockwise and the horses anti clockwise
When the Princess shouts help the knights must find their horse and put their hands around the horses waist then running together they have to avoid the Dragon to get to the princess.
The Dragon captures as many knights and horses as he can by tagging them they then become the Dragon’s tail by holding hands with each other in a line.
Each end of the line can tag the remaining knights who join the tail or capture the Princess by encircling her.
The Knights are to protect the princess from the Dragon, even if it means being captured by the Dragon themselves in a heroic gesture.
When there is only one knight and the Princess left the Knight may slay the Dragon and the winner is declared.
If the Princess is captured then the Dragon is the winner.


  • Baden-Powell
  • bulldog
  • Dragons
  • St George\'s Day
  • team building, team work,

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