Father Abraham

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Fun action song




Everyone needs to stand up and do the actions, it can get very silly!

"Father Abraham
had seven sons,
had seven sons, had Father Abraham
and he never laughed,
he never cried,
all he did was go like this:"

Swing right arm back and forth and continue the action throughout the rest of the song

Next verse add 'left arm' so both arms are swinging across body

Each time you sing the song, you add the following actions, without ever giving up any of the previous actions:
'right foot' (step foot out in time) then
'left foot' (swap both feet)
'Chin up' (nod)
'Tongue out' (sing the words with your tongue out!)
'Turn around' (Do all that and spin round)
'Sit Down!' (everyone sits down and the song is over)

It takes a lot of coordination!

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