Photography Badge - Beavers

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We will be creating a scrapbook recording the key requirements for completing our photography badge. We encourage children to take their own photos so they learn how to use a camera and take a clear picture. We encourage the Beavers to take a number of photos, this helps them understand which ones are better than others and the reason why. Some of the one's that go wrong can be quite a bit of fun to look at after.


1. A disposable or digital camera.
2. A photo scrap book for each child. We will create these after we have taken the photos.
3. A supportive Parent to help develop / print the pictures.


Introduce the session by a quick chat about photography and what it is used for. This leads into our walk and identifying different buildings and landmarks on route. Then lead them into the act of taking photos, they try to take and print at least 10 photos during the walk.


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