Photography Badge - Beavers

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All the resources needed for Beavers to do their photography badge. Using the scrapbook as long as they fill it all in then they should have done most of the badge. We encourage children to do more than the bare minimum but accept that for some it is not an activity they particularly enjoy. This is why they have the option to use one photo of each page or more. The only thing we really care about is that the photos are their own.


1. A photo scrap book for each child (attached).
2. photo usage (example attached) preferably drawn on something A3 or bigger - alteratively split the floor into 4 sections and use the photography usage categories print outs
3. old newspapers, magazines and photos for the usage section.


Introduce the session by a quick chat about photography and what it is used for. This leads into the usage section. Explain the 4 different sections and then show them a selection of photos (cut out of the magazines/newspapers/internet. Then lead them into the act of taking photos, they may not be able to take all 10 photos that night but they should all be given the opportunity to take a few each. They rest of the photos can be taken at home or on further nights through the term. (For example the gardener badge would be perfect to have photos of).


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