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(with apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

If you can light a fire with soggy matches
While standing in a steady stream of rain,
And see it fizzle out before it catches,
And hold your tongue, and light the thing again;
If you can fix a brew for all your brothers
When they are in their blankets, warm and dry,
And rather you get wet than all the others,
And laugh when you are tired enough to cry;

If you can tie a knot that never fails you,
And trust it, if the worst comes to the worst,
To save your life when nothing else awaits you,
But put the other fellow's safety first;
If you can give first aid to those who need it,
And treat for shock when you are shaken too,
And though you suffer badly, never heed it,
Until you have done the best that you can do.

If you can go on working when you're weary,
And go on singing till your throat is dry;
If you can meet with sadness, and be cheery,
And when you fail, just have another try;
If you can trust your friends and those about you,
And yet forgive them if they should forget,
And though the whole world sometimes seems to doubt you,
Be loyal to the task which you are set;

If you don't put yourself before the others,
And never your Patrol before your Troop;
If you salute all races as your brothers,
In one united, universal group;
If you can see the aim, and help to win it,
And never falter till the job is done:
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And which is more a you'll be a Scout, my son!

M. Hill


There are many well loved buildings up and down the land
Some are really scrumptious some are not so grand
Palaces and castles, cathedrals and town halls
The tourists flock to see them
And even shopping malls
But I know one that's loved much more
And will never ever shut
The one That I refer is our old cherished scout hut
It's basically an army hut
Improved by willing bands
Of grandadas, dads and grandsons
And lots of helping hands
There are eager boys and girls
Who can't wait to get inside
And get themselves invested
And wear their neckerchief with pride
You see this humble building
Where so many children meet
Is warm and bright and friendly
Much better than the street
There are hundreds who have passed through there
And memories abound
Of happy times they've spent therein
And lifelong friends they've found
It's where everyone is welcome
Whether noisy bold or shy
And remember those past members
In that campsite in the sky
So though it may be humble
And has no claim to fame
There's no listed building in the land
That can put our hut to shame


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