Runners and Riders Game

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The scouts love this game which can be played inside or outside in a huge circle.




Put the scouts into two circles (with the same number of scouts in each circle) and put one circle inside the other so that the scouts are paired up. The scouts on the inside are the runners and the scouts on the outside are the riders. When you give a command the last pair to carry it out is out. Continue until you only have one pair left and is the winner.
Commands can include:
Mount - The rider jumps on the back of their runner.
Dismount - The rider gets off the runner’s back.
Round - The rider runs once around their runner.
Round round - The runner runs once around their rider
Over the head - The runner crouches down and the rider goes over their head.
Under the legs - The runner opens his legs and the rider goes through.
Once round to the right - The rider runs right once around the outside of the outer circle.
Once round to the left - The rider runs left once around the outside of the outer circle.
Runners twice round - The runner runs twice around the outside of the outer circle in either direction.
Add your own instructions to personalise the game.
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