IGG DETECT: Now you’re a Brownie Guide 02 GUIDING

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Take part in games or activities to get to know each other better and explore our similarities and differences (The big wind is blowing)


Chairs and a reasonably good sized room


Brownies will learn more about one another. This is a good activity to use at the bringing of a new guiding year or when new recruits join the Pack

Arrange chairs in a tight circle (one less than the number playing)

• Brownies sit on chairs in a tight circle. One Brownie volunteers or chosen to stand in the centre of the circle.

• The Brownie in the middle says “The big wind blows on anyone who ... (they call out one trait about themselves that they feel they might share with other girls in the Group; a physical trait, something about their family, a characteristic etc.)

• The Brownies who share this trait, characteristic etc. must change places, while the Brownie in the middle tries to sit on one of their chairs.

• The Brownie left without a chair goes into the middle and says “The big wind blows ...”

• When the Leader calls ‘Hurricane’ all the girls must change places and it cannot be with the Bronwie directly beside them.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008


  • communication
  • getting to know each other
  • IGG
  • team skills

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