IGG PATHFINDER: Now you're a Guide 06

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Take part in activities that use your 5 Senses


Pens and Paper


This activity will allow the Guides to make a poster about themselves
which will help Leaders get to know their Guides a little bit better

Explore what it would be like to be in a very crowded classroom
• Squeeze as many people as possible on to a bench or into a small square area on the floor.
• Ask everyone to write down their names and provide only one piece of paper and two pens for the exercise.
• Then divide the group in two, give one group one piece of paper and one pen that they must share all to write their name.
• Give the other group individual slips of paper and a pen each—who is finished first?
• Give half the Unit something to memorise, perhaps a poem or a set of objects, while the other half makes as much noise as possible. How distracting was it?
• Swap the groups around and try again.
• Discuss and compare these situations with conditions in their own school

IGG GAT Resource Pack

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  • 5senses
  • IGG
  • Pathfinder
  • Poverty awareness

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