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Take part in team building games and understand the benefits of working as a team (World Wide Web)


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Through this game and activity Guides will learn the benefits of
working as a team, while exploring he interdependency between people and counties
World Wide Web
Part 1:
• Split the Unit in two
• Give the girls in one half a label with a country each and the others a label with a product
• Those with a country need to find the matching product that comes from their country
• When all of the partners have found each other, give them a couple of minutes to discuss three questions:
1. What else might this country be famous for?
2. What kind of food do they eat there?
3. How might this place be connected with another country?
• Form a circle and ask each pair to call out their country and product along with the answer to one of the questions.
Part 2:
• Form a large circle with the pairs standing beside each other.
• Explain that they both now represent the country.
• One person starts by holding the end of the string and passing it to another person in the group; they must make a connection between their country and the one they pass it to.
• For example; “I’m Ireland and I’m passing it to America, because Irish people live there”. Continue this until each person in the group has received the string and made a connection. To finish, the group task is to unravel the criss-cross connections without letting go of the string and to form a new circle.

Was it easy or difficult to make the connections? What did the connections mostly focus on? People or Products? Did any of the connections surprise you? How much do you think we rely on other countries for products?

IGG Outreach Pack 2008
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