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introduction- fun game


 Sheets of Paper


Aim of Badge
To encourage you to manage your money responsibly
This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed
• Split the girls into 2 teams.
• Mark a line in the middle of the hall that neither team is allowed to cross.
• Throw a ball from team to team trying tohit a member of the opposite team.
• If you are hit once you have a personal debt and must keep one arm behind your back.
• If you are hit twice you have a national debt and must hop on one leg and keep your arm behind your back.
• If you are hit a third time you mustsit on the ground because you are ‘bankrupt’.
• When sitting on the ground the player can try to catch the ball with both hands.
• If they succeed they shout ‘bail out’ and are back in the game.
• At the end of the game discuss how it felt to be burdened with debt. Did you feel like you were letting your team down? Are people who are already in debt
more vulnerable i.e. are the girls who are hopping more likely to get hit a third time.

IGG GAT Resource Pack

Attachments/Template needed for activity:


  • Budget
  • Guiding
  • IGG
  • Interest Badge
  • money matters
  • teamwork

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