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IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Cultural Diversity option 05

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To develop an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than your own


Paint (brown, yellow, red & white)
Paper (white & orange),
Containers to mix the paint in


Aim of Badge To develop an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than your own
Handprint -Dove (Unity) Wreath

• Mix up the paints for the various skin-colours.
• Possible combinations to try with the paints to create the skin tone colours: small amount of red + small amount of yellow + white or brown + white or yellow + small amount of brown
• Make between 9 and 12 handprints in various skin tone colours by dipping a hand in paint and stamping it on the paper, for each wreath.
• Let the handprints dry.
• Make the dove by tracing a hand with the thumb extended and 4 fingers close together onto the centre of a piece of white paper.
• Glue on a beak from orange construction paper or draw one on with orange marker.
• Draw on a wing and an eye with black pencil, crayon or marker
• Cut out the skin tone handprints and glue them together in a circle to form a wreath.
• Glue the dove onto the back of the wreath (so that the wreath acts like a picture frame). Trim


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