Civil Defence Hazards

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Find out what hazards may affect you and your community. Find out what to do in the event of each of these hazards occurring.

Create poster or mind map of what to do for each type of hazard


Information about hazards from phone book and internet
Poster paper


Get group to brainstorm types of hazards (you may want to provide an example to start them off). Examples include: earthquake, volcanic eruption, storm, flood, tsunami, landslide, pandemic.
Split into groups (patrols) to create mind maps or posters of what to do for each type of hazard - rotate round the different hazards.
Encourage them to use what they already know and share with the others in their group. Then refer to resources provided.
Debrief at end with each group explaining what they have added/know - makes sure everyone has the same information and also gives the chance to correct/add any information.

Good websites to get resource material from:, civil,
Scanned copy of current phone book information attached.


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  • Hazards
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