Sky Lanterns

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Make sky lanterns


you will need a candle (Tea Light),
2 wood skewers
4 straws
plastic bag med size x2
nail polish remover


1. sharpen all four ends of the wood skewers
2. take the candle out of the tea light and make 4 wholes through the middle so the skewers can go through the middle and make cross (one set of skewer wholes will need to be a little higher than the other)
3. get one straw and push the middle of the straw into the end of one skewer so you can see the skewer come through the straw (do this to all 4)
4. it should now look like you have a cross with the tea light in the middle and 4 straws making a square but not touching each other
5. get the two bags and cut the end off one and tap on the 2nd one to make it a bigger bag. (tap both sizes)
6. get your wood/straws and put it inside the opening of the bag and tape the straws to the bag
7. put cotton in the tea light, then add nail polish remover
8. light the cotton
9. You Tube How to make a sky lantern



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