IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Cultural Diversity option 01

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Through games or activities, explore the concept of identity (Guess my Identity)


Slips of paper
and box/hat


Aim of Badge To develop an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than your own

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed


• Each girl gets a slip of paper. They have to write down three aspects of their personal identity.

• They fold this slip of paper up and all the slips are placed in a box. The papers are shuffled and each person draws out a piece. If they got their own slip of paper, they put it back and choose another.

• One girl starts by reading out the identifying words/ statements. She then has to guess who wrote it. If she guesses incorrectly, this is opened to the rest of the Group to guess.

• Keep on going until everyone has had a turn.

Debriefing/ Evaluation: ask the following questions:

Was it easy to identify the people from what they’d written? Why?
Are you surprised by the choices that people made?
Do you have a different view of the people?
What did people think was important about their identity?
Can the identifying characteristics be divided into different categories? e.g. personal, physical, cultural, social.

NOTE TO LEADER: This activity works best with a Unit where the girls know each other quite well. During the activity, make a list of the words and phrases the girls use.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008
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