The Mysterious Courier

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A Spy based variation on Kims Game


Hidden Messages, Briefcase, pen, newspaper, CD, keys, coin, passport, sealed letter, photograph


In small groups lead the youngsters into a room to search for a hidden message. They only have a small amount of time inside the room. Booby trap the door with a laser beam (laser pointer) which they must avoid. Inside are several hidden messages numbered 1 and 2 for whichever team the message is intended for, and a briefcase belonging to the mysterious “Courier”. Agents need to memorize the contents without disturbing them. Include in the briefcase items such as a pen, newspaper, CD, keys, coin, passport,
etc. When the youngsters leave the room they must decipher the message and write down as many items as they can remember from inside the briefcase.
MESSAGES: The handover will be in the railway cafe; Make sure you are in disguise; Don't get caught, The keyword is ...... (use a different keyword for groups 1 & 2)


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