Surveillance Operation

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An observation based activity


Hidden Message, Briefcase, pen, newspaper, CD, keys, coin, passport, sealed letter, photograph, parcels containing drinks and snacks


Gather all the agents together and brief them on their mission. A corner of the meeting space should be set up as a railway station café. Inform the agents that the
“Courier” is going to try to pass the secret message to another agent, using one of the items from the briefcase. Send all the agents into the railway station to take up
positions and observe the café without drawing attention to themselves. The spies from the Interrogation section come into the café carrying packages and briefcases, take
seats and order a coffee. Two of them execute a “live drop” where the message is exchanged, use the keywords as the items are used. See if the agents can catch the handover when it happens, each group should have a different answer. In the end, reveal the secret message which says that the packages are not part of the exchange. Instead, they are filled with drinks and snacks for the end of the Secret Agent School meeting.


  • 007
  • code breaker
  • observation
  • spy
  • spy adventure

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