Water Balloon Volleyball

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Volleyball with water balloons


• A volleyball net or a rope over which the balloons can be tossed
• An endless supply of balloons a quarter filled with water


This is a very messy game and is therefore ideal for hot days. Your net or rope is stretched between two poles or trees just above head height. You have two teams and one balloon a quarter filled with water. If you put too much water into the balloons then they tend to burst too easily. The object of the game is to lob the balloon over the net and try and soak the opposing team. There is a lot of strategy in this game on such things as catching the balloon without bursting it and ways of lobbing the balloon to make it difficult to catch. When the balloon bursts on one side then a point is awarded to the other side, and a new balloon is brought into play.


  • Water games
  • Wet games

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