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IGG Interest Badge Ladybird World Guiding Option 03

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Eat some food from another country. (chocloate truffles)


 1 bar of dark chocolate
 1 tin of condensed milk
 cocoa power
 chopped nuts or desiccated coconut


Aim of Badge:
To learn about Ladybirds around the world
This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed

Recipe: Chocolate Truffles Country: Columbia
• Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water
• Pour in a dessertspoon full of condensed milk
• Add more condensed milk until the mixture thickens
• Allow it to cool then roll into small balls
• Roll balls into either the Cocoa, Nuts or Coconut

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

Attachments/Template needed for activity? no


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