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Make a Musical Instrument (Maraca)


 one or two paper plates per girl,
 dried beans, rice or popcorn
 stapler
 paint, markers or crayons,
 crepe paper streamers (optional)


Introduction: The aim of this badge is to explore the performing arts

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed


• Put a handful of dried beans, rice or popcorn on a paper plate.
• Staple another paper plate securely on top of it.
• You can use a single plate for each Maraca instead by folding a paper plate in half
• Adding the beans, then stapling the rim to itself
• Decorate the maracas with crayons, markers or paint.
• Optional: Staple long crepe paper streamers to the maracas

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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