IGG Senior Branch COMMUNITY ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 25

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Take part in a Unit activity that will improve your team skills


 Pieces of Paper
 Pens


This activity will help your members to find out what they have in
common with each other.


• Divide girls into two teams, team one and team two. One girl in each team gets a piece of paper and a pen to write notes. Each team is given a separate task, which will be performed in front of the other team once they have completed the task.

• Each girl in team one must imagine that their family is moving to a new town 100 miles away. They will be leaving their schools and neighbourhoods. Ask them to discuss what they will miss most about where they live; their friends, activities etc. Then create a role play about this situation.

• The girls in team two must imagine that a new family is moving into their area. Ask them to create a role play on how they would welcome them into their community.

• Each team performs their role play for the other team. Have a discussion about immigration with the whole Group afterwards.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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  • Icebreaker
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  • Team work

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