IGG Senior Branch COMMUNITY ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 22

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Identify some of the negative stereotypes surrounding young people in Ireland.


 Paper
 Pencils
 post-its or sticker
PREPARATION: Prepare positive and negative signs


• Divide the Group into two. Take team A aside and give them each paper and a pencil. Tell them to have a conversation, or interact with 10 people in team B in an allotted time. They write down who they interact with.

• Everyone in team B gets a sign e.g. a post-it or sticker on her forehead with a positive or negative statement written on it.

• No one is able to read their own sign so they don’t know what it says. Make up signs like ‘tell me I look tired’, ‘ignore me’, ‘tell me I look great’, ‘call me clever’, ‘treat me like your best friend’ etc. There should be a variety of positive and negative signs.

• Only team A can initiate a conversation. Team B must wait for someone to talk to them. The girls in team A should try to slip the comment on the sign into conversation.

• Debriefing and evaluation: After the two teams ‘interact’ it is important to debrief

1. Discuss what happened and how the girls felt.
2. Talk about how some girls had advantages and why
3. Did team A show respect for all members of team B?
4. What is respect?
5. Why is it important to have and show respect for other people?

If a Leader knows there is someone with poor self-esteem or who is very shy, it may be a good idea to ‘plant’ them with a positive sign. If you don’t know the girls well, you should check with someone who does. With an exercise like this, it is also important that everyone knows that the game ends when the game is over.

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