IGG Senior Branch CHANCE ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 23

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Find out about the roots of our Traveller Family culture in Ireland. How have traditions changed ovr the years?


Photocopy Tables 1 & 2 overleaf for each team of 4-6 girls
Read the information about the Irish Traveller Community


• Divide the girls into teams of 4-6
• Explain that the Irish Traveller community have their own language called Cant which they generally only speak to each other. (Below is a selection of some Cant words.)
• Give Table 1 to the girls to look at. Tell them that these are Cant words and explain that you will be playing a game where they need to try to remember the translation for each word.
• Give them a few minutes to look at the table and learn the words.
• Line the teams up in a straight line and number the girls in each team one to four/six and take back Table 1.
• Place copies of Table 2 on the floor at the top of the hall in front of the teams.
• When you call out a number and an English word, the girl with that number must run up and point to the equivalent word in Cant on Table 2. The first girl who picks the right word gets a point for her team.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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  • Discussion
  • Healthy Friendship
  • Idenity
  • IGG
  • traveller family

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